ShopBack In-Store Payments API

This guide provides payment partners and merchants with the steps necessary to integrate ShopBack Pay and ShopBack PayLater, enabling customers to pay using merchant-presented QR codes with existing in-store point-of-sale (POS) systems.

The ShopBack In-Store Payments API consists of a set of RESTful API endpoints and the sections below outline their usage, including request and response parameters.

Follow the steps in this guide to successfully integrate and certify your POS terminals to start accepting ShopBack QR Code payments with ease.


Before using the APIs listed in this document, payment partners and merchants must be onboarded with ShopBack. During onboarding, the following credentials will be provided to you:

  • accessKeySecret - A secret key used to generate HMAC signatures for API requests.
  • accessKeyId - An identifier for accessKeySecret.

In addition, each POS terminal will be issued the following set of credentials:

  • posId - Unique ID for each POS terminal that will be generated by ShopBack.

Flow Diagram

ShopBack provides 2 ways of In-Store payments, Merchant Presented QR Code and Consumer Presented QR Code. As a merchant you can choose which one is your preferred method.

API Contract

Note: Only relative urls are provided at the moment.

Change Log

Document versionDate introducedChanges made
v1.111 Aug 2022Support both Pay and PayLater
v1.222 Aug 2022Add clarifying text for referenceId, use ISO-3166-1 Alpha for country code
v1.31 Sept 2022Surface HTTP 409 codes, show partnerId as not part of query param
v1.41 Jan 2023Add Consumer Presented Qr Code Endpoints
v1.57 Sep 2023Add POSI AU API Environment

API Environment