ShopBack Online Payments API

ShopBack Online Payments API enables connectivity of a merchant's eCommerce Store with the ShopBack platform.

In our world, a Merchant refers to a person or business that sells items through an eCommerce Store.
Every Merchant must have a Merchant Operating Account in order to operate with ShopBack and perform transactions.

Using the API, merchants can not only initiate an Order but they can also initiate a refund (fully or partially) as well as obtain the details of order completed using ShopBack.

This API is organized around REST and uses predictable, resource-oriented URLs.

HTTP response codes indicate either successful transactions or errors. All communication needs to be secured using HTTPS with TLS 1.2 (or greater).

If you have any difficulties implementing this API, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be more than happy to support you. Our goal is to have you live ASAP.


ShopBack system designed to respond with very low latency. Most latency delays will be outside of ShopBack control, for example, dependency on downstream banking networks.

As a general guideline, all resources that are not dependent on external systems are idempotent and are safe to be retried with the same request identifier.

For all other resources (not marked as idempotent), the following time-outs apply:

Open: 10 seconds
Read: 20 seconds

Date and Time formats

All date and time formats are strings defined in accordance with the ISO 8601 format. An introduction to format can be found here.

Date and Time strings can be provided in UTC (for example, 2004-04-09T11: 42: 33Z) or as an offset from UTC to indicate the time zone (for example, 2006-08-05T02: 21: 03-08: 00 for eight hours behind UTC – Singapore Time)

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