Activity Report: Corporate Buy

πŸ”œ This feature is not yet available but coming soon...

The Corporate Buy tab contains the following information below.

  • Transaction ID: ShopBack identifier for the Corporate Buy transaction
  • Transaction Type: A description of the nature of the Corporate Buy activity
  • Reference: Description or details relating to the specific transaction
  • Transaction Date: Date-Time of the transaction

Additionally, the following information is available:

  • Amount: The amount relating to the transaction
  • Discount Rate: The applicable rate (excluding sales tax) that is used to calculate the discount
  • Discount Amount: The discount that is applied (if relevant) for the transaction
  • Sales Tax: Sales tax applied on total fees
  • Net Earning/ (Payable): If in black, net amount ShopBack is expected to pay to merchant; If in red, net amount merchant is expected to pay to ShopBack.