Plugin Installation

Please go through the following steps to setup ShopBack Pay on Magento.

Step 1: Plugin deployment

The deployment process varies across merchants, e.g. some use CI/CD to deploy automatically while others prefer to use console with CLI commands (for the latter, CLI commands varies across different installations / platforms).

We therefore recommend to download the plugin, and to install the plugin as you usually do. Only if you need guidance on a manual deployment process, review the manual deployment process section.

Download the ShopBack Magento plugin:

Step 2: Configure the plugin

As part of the setup process with ShopBack Pay, a set of Merchant Credentials (“credentials”) would have been sent to you for entry in to the ShopBack Pay Plugin. These credentials authenticate your Magento store against the ShopBack Pay host each time you perform an order with us.

With your credentials ready (we have shared them via email with you), go to the Admin Panel of your Magento store and follow these steps:

Go to Stores | Configuration | Sales | Payment Methods from the left-hand navigation panels.

Ensure that you are in the correct Store View configuration


This is particularly important if you are implementing ShopBack Pay for multiple countries (e.g. Singapore and Malaysia)

In the right-hand panel of the Payment Methods panel, a number of payment and plugin options will appear. Select “Other Payment Methods” and find ShopBack Pay

Click on the arrow button to the left of the ShopBack Pay label to open up the main panel. In that main panel you should see the following dialog boxes:

a. Please verify the settings highlighted in red and and then click to expand the merchant credentials section

b. Set the "Title" for ShopBack Pay checkout message to ShopBack: Get Cashback with every payment

c. Enter your Merchant CDN ID, Merchant ID and Merchant Secret and click on Validate Merchant button to ensure that entered credentials are correct

d. Click on Save Config

Step 3: Test

Once your ShopBack Pay Plugin has been installed, you should be able to test the following areas:

  • ShopBack Pay as a payment method in your Checkout

ShopBack Pay on your checkout
ShopBack Pay shall appear alongside any of the other payment methods that you have installed or allowed in your Checkout. Functions such as the application of discount codes will continue to operate as usual.

Important: Please test the checkout (try to pay with ShopBack Pay) – if everything works fine, you shall see one of the following screen:

To test the checkout, please use following details:

Phone +65 9234 1234 (we send the registration OTP to your email address)
NRIC S8009676C
Credit Card 4242 4242 4242 4242
Validity any future month / year
CCV / CCV: any numeric value

Phone: +60 107659012 (we send the registration OTP to your email address)
NRIC S8009676C
Credit Card 4000 0000 0000 3055
Validity any future month / year
CCV / CCV any numeric value

Once you have completed the flow, you will see following confirmation screen:

You have completed the Magento plugin setup. Your consumers can start paying with ShopBack Pay!