Activity Report: Summary

The summary tab of the activity report contains 5 key sections:

  1. πŸ”΄ Overview: Basic information about the report such as the date, reporting period and in the case of daily reports, the settlement amount and expected settlement date
  2. πŸ”΅ Activity Summary: A summarised view of all transactions across all products break down by brands, then in-store outlets and online outlets
  3. 🟒 Billing Summary: Provides a break-down of the fees that apply for the billing period
  4. 🟠 Corporate Buy: Provides details of tranche payouts and the current corporate buy balance
    1. πŸ”œ This feature is not yet available but coming soon...
  5. 🟣 Settlement: Details of expected payouts or receivables for settlement between ShopBack and the merchant or partner

Learn more about each of the sections below.


πŸ”΄ The top section of the summary page provides basic details about the billing and activity report:

  • Generate Date: Generation date of report on business billing day
  • Reporting Period: Date range of transactions covered in this report
  • Expected Settlement Date: Expected date for payment to be made from / to ShopBack
  • Settlement Amount: Amount for payment to be made from / to ShopBack

πŸ”΅ Settlement suspension:

  • This sentence explains current settlement status
  • If settlement is suspended, your settlement for the reporting period is being withheld by our system due to various risks identified
  • Normal settlement will resume once identified risks has been resolved

Activity Summary

πŸ”΄ This section provides a summarised view of all transactions across all products break down by brands, then in-store outlets and online outlets

  • Total Fees: Total fee for all ShopBack products per outlet
  • [Product Name] Purchases: Total purchase amount on various ShopBack products
  • [Product Name] Refunds: Total refund amount on various ShopBack products
  • In-Store Vouchers Redemptions*: Total amount of in-store voucher redemptions for Redemption voucher model
  • Loyalty Bonuses: Total amount of loyalty bonus awarded

*If you are on Consignment voucher model, this will show separately

πŸ”΅ Vouchers on Consignment provides an overview of the number of purchased vouchers:

  • Total Fees: Total commission fee on all vouchers sold
  • In-Store Voucher Purchases: Total amount of vouchers purchased

Billing Summary

πŸ”΄ The transactions section provides net expected amounts to receive less any fees that may apply, payable by either ShopBack or merchant, depending.

  • Transaction not for Settlement: Only for card-linked purchases which has only rewards applied
  • Transaction for Settlement: All purchases less refunds, and voucher transactions that will be due to you for settlement

πŸ”΅ Fees provides an overview of all fee types applied on all products transactions. Amount will be deducted from transaction amount owed to merchants. Fees include:

  1. Platform Fees: Marketing percentage fee applied for getting access to the ShopBack ecosystem and our loyalty customers
  2. Merchant Discount Fees: Percentage fee applied for managing transactions and its associated risks
  3. Transaction and Refund Processing Fees: Flat rate fees per transaction to cover basic operational costs
  4. Promotion Fees: Merchant co-funded share of promos on ShopBack Pay and PayLater transactions
  5. Net Return Cashback Fees: Cover the reward of cashback given to a customer as part of the the return cashback loyalty program
  6. Transaction Fee Offsets: Immediate percentage discount/ waiver of any fees applied from 1-5
  7. Voucher Commission: Voucher fee for both consignment and redemption model vouchers
  8. Loyalty Bonus Fees: Covers reward of cashback given for accumulated spend and other forums of loyalty
  9. Fee Adjustments: Cover changes to fees as a result of adjustments made to reduce billing or applies other types of fees

🟒 Totals provides the total of all transactions amount less the total of all fees that will apply.

  • Sales Tax: Calculated per transaction, per fee
  • Net Earnings / (Payable): Net transactions amounts, less fees, less sales tax. If this amount is black, ShopBack will pay you this amount. If red, ShopBack will expect payment from you.

Corporate Buy

πŸ”œ This feature is not yet available but coming soon...

πŸ”΄ The corporate buy tranches summary provides the following details

  • Total amount of tranches paid out from ShopBack for the period
  • Total corporate buy discount and sales tax applicable for payouts
  • The net payout amounts for the corporate buy tranches

πŸ”΅ The opening and closing balance section helps to identify how the corporate buy balance has changed over the reporting period:

  • The opening balance identifies the starting balance for the period
    • Plus: Tranche payouts that are made
    • Minus: Any payment transactions that have taken place
    • Minus: Any other transactions such as vouchers that have taken place
    • Plus: Any ancillary fees that may apply such as promotion fees
  • The ending balance reflects the net changes as a result of the above


πŸ”΄ The settlement summary provides a summarised view net amount expected to be paid at settlement

  • Settlement due from/ due to ShopBack: Total amount expected to be paid
    • If the amount is black, then ShopBack will be expected to pay this amount to merchant
    • If the amount is red, then it is expected that the merchant will pay ShopBack this amount
  • Note: If there are amounts outstanding that you owe ShopBack or that ShopBack owes you, these will be calculated and either deducted or added to your payment at the time of settlement.
    • Those amount are not reflected in this report

πŸ”΅ Amount held refers to the cumulative amount that has been withheld by our system due to identified risks

  • Total Amount Held: Sum of all amounts across various Daily Activity Reports held while our Risk team deconflicts the risks