Universal Tracking


ShopBack uses TUNE Hasoffers for direct integration tracking. For ShopBack's universal tracking solution for most web-based e-commerce solutions, TUNE's Javascript SDK offers the most comprehensive solution for a diverse range of applications.

The TUNE Javascript SDK offers client-side functionality for session storage and conversions to Advertisers. By utilizing the Javascript SDK, you'll have the accuracy of server-side postbacks with the setup effort of client-side pixel tracking. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up your Offer, adding the SDK to a page to start & store sessions, and then posting a conversion.

How Javascript SDK works

  1. Merchants add the SDK snippet to all pages.
  2. ShopBack user clicks through ShopBack and ShopBack redirects the user to the merchant site with affiliation tracking parameters and a unique Transaction ID for each click.
  3. The SDK in the merchant page will start and store the session, represented by the Transaction ID passed by ShopBack in the previous step.
  4. After the user makes a purchase, a separate SDK installed on the checkout page will post a conversion to ShopBack's server.
  5. ShopBack successfully captures the information sent by the SDK and creates a cashback for the customer with the “pending” status.


Universal Tracking Process Flow Diagram

Getting Started

This tracking method is able to support a majority of e-commerce website providers and most tag management systems that captures order information.

Under the Affiliate Marketing tab, ShopBack has prepared multiple integration templates that will simplify the integration process.

What’s Next

To continue with Universal Tracking integration, please select either one of the 2 tracking methods: