Activity Report: Payments

The payments tab of the activity report contains 5 key sections:

  1. πŸ”΄ Transaction Details
  2. πŸ”΅ More Details, Transaction Amount and Fees
  3. 🟒 Promos
  4. 🟠 Cashback Fees and Previous Transactions
  5. 🟣 Fee Offsets, Tax and Totals

Learn more about each of the sections below.

Transaction Details

  • Transaction ID: ShopBack Order ID (for Pay and PayLater) and external payment identifier for card-linked payments
  • Brand and Location: Where the transaction took place
  • Transaction and Effective Date: Same for Pay and PayLater products. For card-linked payments, transaction time is when the purchase took place. Effective time is when the transaction was cleared with the card network as a confirmed transaction
  • Transaction Type: Purchase or Refund Types. For variable (non-breakage) merchants, purchases are split into initial and return purchases to identify return cashback billing
  • Product: ShopBack Pay, PayLater or Card-linked
  • Channel: In-Store, POS and Online for purchases and App, Portal and ShopBack for refunds

More Details, Transaction Amount and Fees

  • Customer ID: Unique identifier for customer
  • Reference: For card-linked payments, this is last 4 digits of card number. For POS payments, this is payment reference. For online, this is merchant reference or order UUID.
  • Transaction Amount: Gross transaction amount, after merchant discount, before any ShopBack discounts.
  • Ineligible for Cashback: Only for merchants on discount model, amount that is ineligible for for rewards.
  • For the different types of fees - refer above


  • Promo Code: Promo campaign type, where merchant co-funding has been agreed on
  • Promo Amount: Total promo amount
  • Promo Fee Rate: Promo rate that is being funded by merchant
  • Promo Fee Amount: Promo rate on actual promo amount being applied

Cashback Fees and Previous Transactions

  • Previous Transaction Information - for variable non-breakage) return cashback models reference where cashback fee is based on previous transaction amount
  • Return Cashback Rate and Fee: Covers entire cashback amount given to customers
    Fixed (breakage) model, this amount will be calculated based on the gross transaction amount
    Variable model, this will be based on the previous gross transaction amount

Fee Offsets, Tax and Totals

  • ShopBack funded amounts / waivers and discounts applied to the fees on a transaction. Presently, only for cashback fees
  • Total Fees: Sum of all fees, less offset
  • Sales Tax: Sales tax applied on total fees
  • Net Earning/ (Payable): If in black, net amount ShopBack is expected to pay to merchant; If in red, net amount merchant is expected to pay to ShopBack