Online Payment

Please go through the following steps to setup ShopBack Pay on Shopify.

Step 1 - Validate Shopify checkout settings

Visit your Shopify Checkout settings: Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout

Ensure that the customer contact method is set to:

  • Email (“Phone number or email” will not work)

Your checkout shall look as per screenshot below. If not, please have it fixed before proceeding.


Step 2: Install ShopBack Pay Payment app

Add our payments app by clicking on the button below. Once you are logged in, you will need to proceed as per following:

1. Click on "Install"

2. Click on "Activate"


Do not tick “Enable Test mode”

Your consumers will not be able to pay with ShopBack Pay.

Step 3: Validate your checkout

A crucial part of the ShopBack Pay integration is to validate if the checkout works. This activity has to be completed by the merchant.

1. Visit your shop, add a product to your cart and go to checkout.
Select “ShopBack: Get Cashback with every payment” as the payment option and click on “Complete Order”


2. Once you see this screen, your customers can pay with ShopBack Pay. You do not need to proceed further. We will take care of the rest.




If you got redirected to the page below instead, this means that you have tick the 'Enable test mode'.
You will have to disable the test mode (refer to Step 3, last screenshot).

Once changed, please repeat step 4.

Step 4: Add ShopBack logo as payment partner (Optional)

To feature ShopBack logo as payment partner at merchant website,

1. Refer to Shopify documentation on the instructions to display payment logo in your footer.

2. Click here to get our ShopBack Logo: ShopBack payment icon