Integration with Shopify is simple and easy

Integration on Shopify is a simple and quick 2-step process that only requires 2 code snippets to be inserted into the dashboard settings.

ShopBack currently supports 2 types of tracking:

  • Order level tracking

    • Order level tracking only tracks 1 order/checkout as 1 line with the total amount paid. This tracking method does not provide visibility on the detailed item breakdown of the order.
  • SKU/item level tracking

    • SKU/item level tracking is able to capture the SKU/item level breakdown within the 1 order/checkout. For example, 1 order with 5 different items will be captured in 5 lines regardless of the item quantity.

If you have Admin access to the Shopify store, it is possible for you to complete the integration within 15 minutes.

What’s Next

Please proceed to these pages to find the Shopify code insertion steps.