How to test your checkout with ShopBack Pay?

A crucial part of the ShopBack Pay integration is to test if the checkout works. This activity has to be completed by the merchant.

While the checkout layout looks different across different platforms (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Bespoke), the procedure is identical.

After completing the required steps as per our on-boarding guides (Shopify: Install app and gateway, WooCommerce: Install plugin), please go to your shop and complete following steps:

Step 1
Add a product to your cart

Step 2
Add your address information and move to the last page of your checkout where you see all your payment options (e.g. Paypal, Credit Card). Here, you shall see ShopBack Pay as a payment option


Example Shopify

Step 3
Select ShopBack: Get Cashback with every payment and attempt to pay with ShopBack Pay. You shall see the following screen


ShopBack Pay payment page


If you see the screen, ShopBack Pay works as expected. You are good to go. You do not need to test further.


If you see any other screen, please review your merchant credentials as well as your checkout fields. ShopBack Pay would not be working.