Billing and Activity Reports

Human readable reports intended for finance people and business owners to understand activity with ShopBack

The Daily, Monthly and Variable Billing and Activity Reports provide unified reporting to merchants and partners for both online and in-store transactions ShopBack Pay, In-Store Vouchers, Corporate Buy and Accumulated Rewards billing.

These reports are intended for a finance person working at a large business or a business owner or operational person in a smaller business wanting to quickly determine how much money they are expecting to receive from ShopBack and what fees and charges as well as taxes have applied for a billing cycle.

These reports are not intended to be an invoice.

Learn more about each of the reports and how to access them further below:

  • Daily Activity Report (DAR) - the daily activity report is sent each billing business day to merchants and partners if they have transactions, to notify them of the previous period's activity of transactions. Daily activity reports are sent by email and are also available on ShopBack for Business
  • Monthly Activity Report (MAR) - the monthly activity report is sent on the 3rd of every month to merchants and partners, if they have transactions, to provide a monthly summary of the previous month's activity of transactions. Monthly activity reports are only sent by email.
  • Variable Activity Report (VAR) - the variable activity report (or custom billing report) is available on ShopBack for Business and can be generated on demand for any period of time up to a maximum of 93 days. It will provide merchants and partners with the activity of transactions for the selected period. The report will be made available shortly after generation on ShopBack for Business.

You can access all reports by visiting and selecting your country, logging in and then navigating to Finance -> Reports & invoices.

Your daily billing and activity reports will appear in your email as follows: