Server-to-server (S2S) FAQs

  • How can I get both Order and Validation offer_id?
    • Please reach out ShopBack PIC to get the valid offer_id for both calls.
  • Can we use the same offer_id to call both Order and Validation?
    • No, both APIs must be called by their own id to separate different types of action.
  • Does ShopBack has any development environment to try API calls?
    • Please contact your ShopBack PIC to get your test ID for API calls and their test results.
  • Can we override the status of the Validation API call?
    • Yes, but please be careful whenever a transaction is going to be validated. We will use the last API call as the final confirmation status to process the invoice. Therefore, any wrongly validated transaction will be reflected in the invoice.
  • If the merchant callback function has a glitch/error, how can we re-create the transaction on ShopBack?
    • If the transaction_id of those transactions has been stored properly, the merchant can directly make Order API requests again for the order (please make sure the DateTime parameter is accurate.
  • Can the merchant track SKU/product level?
    • Yes, please ensure ShopBack and Merchant can identify a unique identifier using the parameters available. Merchants can use multiple parameters to create a unique identifier. The most common parameters to use are:
      • adv_sub for the Order ID
      • adv_sub2 for the Product ID

Reference Materials

ShopBack is currently using TUNE Hasoffers as the tracking platform. You may reference any additional information by using resources offered by TUNE. Below is a collection of the frequently requested information.

  1. Additional information on adv_sub
  2. Passing and Receiving the Date and Time on Conversion