Activity Report: Structure

The Billing and Activity Reports provide the necessary summation and detail for merchants and partners on their online and in-store transactions for ShopBack Pay, In-Store Vouchers, Corporate Buy and Accumulated Rewards billing.

Reports are generated as Excel Spreadsheets that can be read by applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers.

The reports have 5 components:

  1. πŸ“ Summary: An overview of all your transactions for the billing business day period, and the associated fees and earnings
  2. 🀳🏻 Payments: A detailed view of all payments related transactions including ShopBack Pay, PayLater and Card-linked payments
  3. 🎟️ Vouchers: Details of all in-store vouchers either purchased (under consignment model) or redeemed (under redemption model) with ShopBack. Note: this does not include vouchers on inventory model
  4. 🫢 Loyalty Bonus: View bonuses that have been paid out to customers for the loyalty proposition you have activated with ShopBack
  5. πŸ’°Corporate Buy: A detailed view of all payouts and associated discounts related to the ShopBack Corporate Buy program
    1. πŸ”œ This feature is not yet available but coming soon...

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