How to deactivate ShopBack Pay online from your website/app


  1. Login to your Shopify admin page and click to Payments.
  1. Scroll down to Supported payment methods, and click on Manage on ShopBack Pay.
  1. Scroll down to find Uninstall button and click to uninstall.


  1. Click on Installed Plugins under Plugins, and then click on Deactivate for ShopBack Pay plugin.


  1. Go to Configuration under Stores.
  1. Go to Payment Methods and set the ShopBack Pay Enabled setting to No.
  1. And remove the whole plugin folder in the server. Remember to flush the cache.


  1. Go to Module Manager to see the lists of modules.
  1. Find the ShopBack Pay module and click Disable to disable ShopBack Pay or Uninstall to remove the module.