Online Payment

Please go through the following steps to setup ShopBack Pay on Woocommerce.

Step 1: Plugin deployment

a. Download ShopBack WooCommerce plugin zip file:

b. Open your WordPress admin and click on ‘Plugins’. You will see an overview of your installed plugins.

c. Click on ‘Add new plugin’ followed by click on ‘Upload plugin’

d. Choose the file and click on ‘Install now’

e. Click on ‘Activate Plugin’

Step 2: Configure the plugin

a. Go back to ‘Plugins’, locate the ShopBack payments app plugin and click on ‘Settings’

c. Ensure that ‘Enable ShopBack payments app’ is checked and enter the CDN ID, Merchant ID and Merchant Secret (shared via email).
Once done, click on ‘Validate merchant’.

d. Only when you see green confirmation check-marks, click on ‘Save changes’.
Otherwise, return to step 2 and validate the credentials.

Step 3: Test

Validate the checkout with any product from your website. Proceed such as you are paying with ShopBack Pay and make sure to get redirected to ShopBack Pay payment page successfully. You can refer more in this article on testing your checkout

You have completed the WooCommerce plugin setup. Your consumers can start paying with ShopBack Pay!