Validation API

Validation API Specifications

When the previous Order API was called, data will be created on ShopBack with parameter and “pending” status. Therefore, we need to use this API to confirm the transaction status when the order has been locked.

In short, it is a duplication of the Order API but only called when the order is locked after any return periods are over and merchant nor customer may make any changes.

As a general rule for ShopBack APIs, all parameter value must be URL-encoded to prevent read errors.


Parameter NameParameter ValueParameter ExampleDescriptionFormatRequired
offer_id{validation_offer_id}1234Fixed id denoting merchant idnumericmandatory
aff_id{validation_affiliate_id}1234Fixed validation idnumericmandatory
amount[amount]125When using the Validation API, the merchant may choose to update the final sales amount for reasons such as partial cancellation or changes in pricesNumeric value (2 decimals max)mandatory
security_token{security_token}070a632e2b574ca894d90610c7da97bc (example only)Static security token specific to the merchantalphanumeric (32 digits)mandatory
statusOnly approved or rejectedapprovedStatus indicator for the orderstringmandatory
Any adv_subs or adv_unique used must be repeated in the Validation APImandatory


Note on Validation API

  • Please make sure the Order ID of Order API and Validation API stay the same.
  • The parameter of the Validation API will be regarded as locked information, which will be used for the invoice amount.
  • Once the status is updated by Validation API, it cannot be reversed.
  • Merchants may choose the overwrite a Validation API by sending a newer updated callback. ShopBack will only select the information from the latest Validation API for each order
  • Notice that every response without additional notes means success. Please DO NOT make a duplicated call and make sure that there’s only one call for each order information.

Validation API Response

Status Code - 200

sucess=true;The order has been updated to approved status.
success=false;The order has been updated to rejected status.