Configuration Options

We have designed our plugin to work with as many scenarios as possible. This section will provide further guidance on configuration options

Merchant credentials & Operation code

  • This is where you could choose your operation mode for ShopBack Pay. For testing, you would use Sandbox, whereas when you want to set it to live mode, you would need to set it Production
  • Here you could also validate your store merchant credentials. Just click the button and ensure there are 4 check marks on the right. This means you are using the correct merchant credentials

Checkout / Field mapping

  • Here you could choose to enable or disable ShopBack Pay on the checkout page
  • Title is where you could set the wording for the ShopBack Pay in the payment options during checkout
  • For other settings, we recommend to set it to default values

About (Support / Send logs)

  • Logs are very important in order for us to debug in case of any issue. Here is where you could send us the logs by filling the details and click the send logs button