Magento 2.x

How can I add ShopBack Pay to my Magento store?

There are 3 main steps to installing the ShopBack Pay Plugin for Magento:

  • Download and deploy the ShopBack Pay plugin.
  • Configure​ ShopBack Pay plugin (the merchant credentials have been shared with you via email)
  • Test

Before you start, please carefully read through the Important notes section which is based on past onboarding experience.

Please carefully read through the following notes to avoid unnecessary complications or – in worst case – the plugin to not work as expected. We understand that deployment methods vary (e.g. some merchants deploy from GIT while others deploy manually).

Nonetheless, ensure to read through the following notes.

Important notes

  1. The minimum version of Magento is Magento 2-2.2.3

  2. Do not change the ShopBack Pay plugin directory​ /app/home/Hoolah

  3. Avoid renaming the gateway caption​. Although Magento provides the functionality, ​ we recommend against doing so. If a change cannot be avoided, ​ always​ ensure to have hoolah in the caption

  4. Review the correct Magento scope. ​ Magento has multiple scopes (Store > Stores > Website > Websites > Default) with settings being inherited only in one direction; we ​ recommend to configure the ShopBack Pay plugin on highest level

  5. Flush the cache after admin setting changes.​ We noticed an occurrence of admin settings changes (e.g. switch between sandbox <> production mode in the ShopBack Pay plugin) not being reflected due to cache. As a good practice, recommend to flush the cache after changes in the admin

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