Optional: Manual Deployment Process


There are a number of ways to deploy the ShopBack Magento plugin. Here are some tips below.


  1. Before you start, make sure that you have the correct permissions to make changes to the Magento installation and Magento root directory (we will refer to you Magento root directory as moving forward (the http document root of your Magento installation).

  2. varies across different installations, e.g. magento-root of a Bitnami Magento image is /opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs

  3. Depending on your user permissions used for the SSH connection, you may have to execute the commands with sudo

  4. If you are testing ShopBack Pay across multiple markets, you cannot use the same email address (e.g. if you have created a ShopBack Pay account for Singapore, you will have to use a different email address for Malaysia)


  1. Remove previous plugin versions
$ rm -rf app/code/Hoolah
  1. Download latest plugin (we have shared the link with you via email) From your magento-root, download the plugin and unzip it
$ wget <path shared by hoolah > && unzip hoolah-plugin-latest.zip -d app/code/
  • You shall see our plugin files within magento-root. Eg: /app/code/Hoolah/Hoolah/
  1. Set appropriate ownership / permissions
$ chown -R --reference=app app/code/Hoolah/Hoolah
$ chmod -R 755 app/code/Hoolah/Hoolah/
  1. Enable plugin / clear cache
    Moving forward you will have to execute a few Magento commands. Depending on your setup, the command would be either php bin/magento OR bin/magento-cli. From your magento-root, please execute the following commands either as php bin/magento ​ ​ or​ ​ bin/magento-cli ​ (depending on your setup)
php bin/magento bin/magento-cli
A. Enable the plugin$ php bin/magento module:enable Hoolah_Hoolah$ bin/magento-cli module:enable Hoolah_Hoolah
B. Trigger the setup scripts$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade$ bin/magento-cli setup:upgrade
C. Compile and deploy application code$ php bin/magento setup:di:compile
$ php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
$ bin/magento-cli setup:di:compile
$ bin/magento-cli setup:static-content:deploy
D. Clear cache and flush$ php bin/magento c:c
$ php bin/magento c:f
$ bin/magento-cli c:c
$ bin/magento-cli c:f
E. Confirm status of the cache$ php bin/magento cache:status$ bin/magento-cli cache:status